strength Training & conditioning

for everyone

Are you ready to lose fat, build strength, or take your physical performance to the next level? We have everything you need for improved fitness and sports performance!
This is the School of Strength!


All ages

We serve students starting in elementary school and our adult programs are suitable for any age.


Low Impact
High Intensity

Using kettlebells, steel clubs, and Indian clubs you will get an amazing workout without the risk of damaging your body.


Cardio + Strength

You won’t find a treadmill at the School of Strength.  Our workouts are designed to give both your heart and muscles a workout at the same time.


Endless Variety

Every workout is different. One workout may be more focused on cardio and the next strength. You will never get bored.


Fitness for Life

Whether you are an athlete looking to up your game or  just wanting energy to play with your kids – the School of Strength program will work for you.


Unique workouts

Tired of just barbells and machines? The School of Strength uses kettlebells, steel clubs, and Indian clubs that provide unique workouts that work the whole body.

What Makes Us Different?

At The School of Strength, we specialize in maximizing the potential of both our adult and athlete clientele.
SOS offers the most comprehensive sports performance enhancement training and group fitness classes
in the nation. The SOS results-driven approach has been refined for 20 years
and is suited for athletes and adult clients.
From sports performance to weight loss to living an overall healthier lifestyle, SOS has the answer. Our coaches are some of the very best in the nation. In a competitive industry that is fast changing,
there is a reason SOS boasts some of the best athletes and most devoted adult clientele in the nation; what we do gets results time and again.
If you are looking to lose weight, or need a jumpstart getting back in shape, our coaches will provide the knowledge and hands on training to help you become and remain fit. For athletes who want to get a leg up on the competition by getting stronger and faster, our staff has a wealth of training experience and knowledge to put you on the right path.

What our Clients Say

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